Our grass-fed beef is sold by the quarter animal. Because the different parts of the animal yield cuts of varying quality, we package a generic quarter, which consists of one quarter of each cut from the animal. A quarter weighs approximately 100 pounds. When you place your order, please specify if you would like us to include unusual cuts such as tripe, tongue, hooves, ox tail, soup bones, etc.


  • Chuck: 7-bone steak, flat iron steak, blade roast, ground beef
  • Rib: Rib eye steak, rib eye roast, prime rib
  • Shortloin: T-Bone, Porterhouse, strip steak
  • Tenderloin: Filet mignon
  • Sirloin: Top sirloin, bottom sirloin, sirloin tip roast
  • Round: Top round, rump roast
  • Brisket: Brisket front cut, brisket first cut, corned beef
  • Plate: Skirt steak, ground beef
  • Flank: Flank steak, London broil, ground beef
  • Shank: Foreshank, extra-lean ground beef

A quarter of a cow, or 100 pounds, is $600. The first $300 is due at the time of order and the second $300 is due upon pick-up. To purchase a quarter, please contact us and submit your $300 deposit. You may do this by sending a check made out to DeNormandie Farms to 12 Marshall Street, Boston, MA, 02108. The additional $300 can be paid in at the time of pickup.

On occasion, we have individual cuts available at market rate.

  • T-bone: $12.75/lb
  • Porterhouse: $13.25/lb
  • Rib Eye: $14.50/lb
  • Top Sirloin: $14.50/lb
  • Sirloin: $11.50/lb
  • Tenderloin: $19.75/lb
  • Bottom Sirloin: $15.50/lb
  • Flank: $5.50/lb
  • Skirt: $5.50/lb
  • Top Round: $5.50/lb
  • London Broil: $5.50/lb

  • Roasts
  • Bottom Round: $5.75/lb
  • Top Round: $5.75/lb
  • Eye Round: $7.00/lb
  • Face Rump: $5.75/lb
  • Shoulder: $6.50/lb

  • Miscellaneous
  • Ground Beef: $5.50/lb
  • Stew beef: $6.00/lb
  • Kabobs: $7.00/lb
  • Chuck: $5.75/lb
  • Brisket: $5.75/lb
  • Short Ribs: $5.75/lb
  • Soup Bones: $3.00/lb
  • Shank: $5.75/lb
  • Plate: $5.75/lb
  • For more information and schedules, please contact Keith Kendall at 508.742.7258.


    DeNormandie Farm has farm fresh eggs from their free range Rhode Island Red chickens. The chickens eat an all-natural diet. Eggs can be purchased at $4.50/dozen. Please call to inquire.


    DeNormandie Farms also produces all-natural honey from their bee hives. The honey is jarred in recycled jars, and therefore they range in size. Honey is pro-rated by weight and can be purchased at $8.00/lb. Please call to inquire.